Are you ready to stop being overwhelmed by the
logistics of your life?

Let's get a plan in place so you can relax and be confident in your today and your future. We’ll work together  to design a plan that works for your life. We can start with a complimentary chat to see how I can support you!


Just Call Tanna offers signature life logistics management services.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed in your daily tasks, Just Call Tanna is here to help. Big picture logistics is my specialty, and I thrive on coming up with plans to help make your life easier and smoother. Doesn't that sound nice? 


I offer Signature Life Logistics Management Services to help you handle the logistics of life, so you can focus on being the best wife, mom, husband, professional, or all-around-person you can be! Everyone needs help, and I'm here to offer you support that is executive quality, friendly, and affordable. A real life personal assistant at your fingertips!

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Resources to Support You!

I'm here to support and assist you in every way that I can - and sometimes that means offering you resources and tools and you can use yourself. It's about you getting the trustworthy, family-friendly support that you need at a reasonable cost. 

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Want to learn more? Awesome! That's why I offer a free consultation. I want to get to know you and understand how I can best leverage my team, resources, and know-how to help your life run smoothly. Life should be FUN. Let me help you get there! 

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So Who The Heck is Tanna?

Tanna is a Wife, Mommy and her own household manager. She actually LOVES to fix credit and create fabulously useful home systems. She has a passion for tackling all tasks and services that is offered. She is truly a Manager Extraordinaire! Hate adulting? You need Tanna!


Are you too stressed or are your days stretched too thin? I can help manage the household and put some time back on your plate. Let's talk and itemize what needs to be done and come up with a great plan!

— Tanna Avila



A Top 10 Service

You get someone who truly cares about helping you and is a Master Figure-it-outer! I'm a mom and a CEO, and I understand how hard it can be to balance all the aspects of your life. You get some support in your corner to help! That in itself is priceless - and our clients agree! Check out what they have to say here...