Hi! I'm Tanna. Nice to meet you!


Behind "Just call tanna" 

I'm a mommy of two small boys, two dachshund fur babies, as well as a wife. I love chocolate chip cookies! Over the years, I have become the “go to” person with my friends and family. Anyone who had a question or needed help in my network usually gets the advice, "Just Call Tanna."  Throughout the process of becoming everyone's right hand gal, I realized not only that I could figure pretty much anything out - it's actually fun to me!


I've done everything to planning large events like car shows to epic first birthday parties. I have transformed client's credit and gotten them on the right path to a major purchase, such as a new home or car and much more. Along the way, I have become very good at specific services - services that I'm now proud to offer you!


A few fun tidbits.

  • It actually intrigues me fixing people's credit.

  • I love to figure out puzzles - from what makes people tick, how to get insurance companies to pay out, or how to make everyone's summer camp schedule align!

  • I'm a huge seafood lover but that makes total sense growing up in the great Pacific Northwest right?!

  • I love the Seattle rain too!

  • My family and I love to go camping.

  • Planning vacations is fun to me


“I love chocolate chip cookies and fixing people's credit.“

My Story

I've been in property management for over 16 years and managing is my thing. I graduated from Green River Community College with double Associate's Degrees in business then went onto graduate from University of Washington Milgard School of Business with a Bachelor's degree. After feeling stuck in my day to day routine, I wanted something more in my career. I knew I had the heart and drive of a CEO - I just wasn't sure exactly how to identify and channel my unique talents. 

Moving on Up.

So I contacted Colleen Star Koch at Rowan Coaching and we shifted into 5th gear and made magic happen! After several coaching sessions, I realized my true PASSION is all the ways that I help my family and friends to have high-functioning, awesome, financially stable lives.  This is what I was meant to do, and now I am putting my passion to good use through Just Call Tanna, my Lifes Logistics Consulting company. Now you can be a part of my family, and let me help you too!