Family Assisting & Household Management 

 Are you too stressed or are your days stretched too thin? I can help manage the household and put some time back on your plate. Let's talk and itemize what needs to be done and come up with a great plan!

Below are some topics that can be helpful. I can help you with everything from hiring your landscaper to find the right school for your little ones. To learn more, simply click the button below to schedule your free consult!



Not going to lie, finding schools is a real challenge. But I'm up for that challenge! Let's meet and chat about your childrens education goals so we can get the ball rolling. This includes finding daycare and after school programs. We can find something that works for the whole family. 




Home Organization Support

If you feel overwhelmed in your home and not enough room because of "stuff", I got you covered! It is such a great feeling organizing your home, cleaning and getting rid of old stuff. But it can feel like a bit much and not sure where to start. Let me help you! I would love to tackle the project with you to give your home a new fresh feel. 



Trying to figure out stuff for the kids to do on summer break? No worries, I got tons of ideas! We can get together and come up with a summer plan for the whole family. Come up with a great schedule and budget and you will be able to relax knowing it's all planned out. 




Chief of Staff

Let me do the work researching, interviewing, and generally vetting the support you and your family need. You tell me your parameters, and what you need to trust a helper with your personal life, and I’ll find that person. I can find you any resource from a landscaper to a chef, you name it! You just sit back and get ready to have time for another glass of wine.