Ways to survive the Holidays!

Ways to survive the Holidays!

This time of year can be stressful, overwhelming, emotional and any other words you can think of. But how can we navigate through it all? I put together some tips to help you! Check them out below.



This is the ultimate ticket to feeling overwhelmed, when you have way too much on your plate and I’m not talking turkey. Get a pen and paper out and start writing down all your big important dates. Get a schedule together on what works best and when, this works great actually writing it on the calendar. This alone will feel so great just getting your thoughts organized on paper so you can see it. You do not have to do all your shopping, have a dinner party and visit in-laws all in one day, let alone one weekend. You have two whole months (November and December)!

Find Calm

Yes, in this hectic time you have to etch out peaceful moments. Find your calm. Is that sitting by the Christmas tree drinking a hot cup of coffee in the silence? Or sitting in the grocery store parking lot listening to your favorite Christmas song? Find your moment and seize it, it goes by so fast so remember to be present.


We are all generally thankful all of the time, but really focus on gratefulness during the holidays. But finding your grateful niche can also be rewarding. Maybe that is gathering your family together in Christmas pajamas for a night of board games? Or flying a family member in you haven’t seen for a long time just in time for Christmas? Doing actual acts of being grateful just feels good. Do more of feel good!


After a long day of Christmas shopping schedule a night out with the girls (or guys). Or how about inviting all your best friends out for a day of pampering at the spa? Schedule moments of relaxation into your holiday schedule also. This will help keep your sanity.


Rely on family to put a smile on your face and make you laugh. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or delegate some holiday chores. You can even limit gifts to one or two per person if you have a big family. That way it takes shopping stress off of everyone. Thanksgiving and Christmas is an amazing time of year and focus on that. Family, fun, food, friends is the key to survival.

Yes, you survived. Take your time. Enjoy every moment. If you feel stressed, slow down and take a deep breath. You got this! If you feel too overwhelmed and need help planning, shopping or scheduling I’m here for you, just send me a message!

I would love to hear the ways you navigate through the holidays. How do you survive? Comment below!

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