What to do with unwanted gifts

What to do with unwanted gifts

I thought this was a perfect time for a blog post like this. Now that Christmas is over and we are ready to ring in the new year, what about the Christmas gifts! Everyone goes through it at some point, that gift you get that really isn’t great or something you will never use or wear. So now what? I want to give you a handful of tips to help you with those unwanted gifts. Now this can also pertain to gifts all year long and not just Christmas!


Good Ol Fashioned return

If you gift came with a gift receipt then you win! The return can be very simple, just take the item back to the store with your gift receipt. Most stores will give you store credit to use to buy something else. If you don’t have a receipt some stores will let you return it and others won’t. Just check their return policies. Here’s the only catch. After Christmas put your patience hat on because the return lines can be very long and take quite a while. If you still want to brave it then go either early in the morning right when they open or late in the evening before closing. Chances are you will miss the long wait.


Did your friend get a cooler white elephant gift then you? Ask if they want to trade! I did this at a Christmas party where the gifts were different gift cards. I ended up with one to a department store I don’t really shop at so I went around and asked if someone wanted to trade. They did! I ended up with a Amazon gift card and they were so happy to have the department store card that they frequented. Trading can work out in your favor!


Everyone has mixed feelings when it comes to this topic. But re-gifting can be great! If you know someone who would love the item more then you would then it would go to a great home. I feel like it is better to be loved by someone then just thrown to the way side.


If all else fails then you can always donate the item to your local shelter or even post it for free online at a sellers site. That way you can avoid putting it in the trash.

Re-sell it

You can always post it on OfferUp, Ebay, or Craigslist just to name a few. That way you can set your own price and re-coup some spending money to go buy that gift you wanted.

I know that no matter the circumstance every one is always grateful for a gift but that doesn’t mean it’s always the perfect one, and that is OK too! I hope these tips help you out and I would love to hear what you do with gifts that don’t quite fit the bill.

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