How to Get Organized for a Dinner Party

How to Get Organized for a Dinner Party

So it's your turn to host a dinner party and don't know where to start! Let me give you some helpful tips. Let's break this down step by step.

Guest list

This is a great place to start. You need to know how many people to accommodate. This will tell you how much food you will need. Also how big of a space you need. And if you will need the help of staff. 


To theme or not to theme?

Ask yourself if this is a specific occasion like anniversary, graduation. Or maybe celebrating an achievement. You don't have to go with a specific theme, it can be just as simple as a dinner party. 

Need help?

Now that you have your guest list, theme or basic and venue figured out. Is it too much? Do you think you need help? At this point you might consider hiring a chef or service people, maybe even an coordinator to help iron out the details. A coordinator can also help with things like securing a venue and sending out your invites. Consider taking some stress off your plate and outsourcing some help. Sometimes even having your dinner party at a different location other then your home can take the stress out of set up and clean up. 

If your dinner party is small and intimate then a home location can be welcoming and cozy also. Even if you have a small dinner planned don't hesitate to ask for help by either friends and family attending or a coordinator. 

Next is the fun part! The menu and grocery list!

You probably want to shop for your groceries two days before the event. You want to give yourself time to prepare dishes but also ensure freshness. Pick items on your menu that you can make ahead and put in the fridge to just pop in the oven on dinner day. Most of the time dessert can be prepared in advance also. Plan your menu accordingly and allow yourself time to relax through it all. 

Will you have specific decor?

There are options when it comes to decor. If you are having a home event then decor can be minimal with some accent pieces. Pier One is a great place to find accent pieces at. It can be as simple as a special set of dining ware, or even special ordered floral for around the house and dinner table. If you are renting a venue then most likely you will need more detailed decor. Make a list of how many tables, chairs and even draw up a sketch on what your vision is to help make it clear. Allow yourself ample time at the venue for set up and clean up, most times you have to rent extra time to allow for that. 

That's that!

Get yourself a notebook and start writing down all your details. To see them on paper will help you organize your thoughts and the process. Once you have it written down you can start to add in your specific details and timeline. I hope this helps you and cheers to an amazing dinner! 


Id love to hear your tips and tricks from you about your dinner parties, comment below! 

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