Are you buried in clutter? Or think you are?

Are you buried in clutter? Or think you are?


I can't tell you how many times I have looked around my house and thought what a mess! (Truly it's not, I just like to try and keep it tidy!) So I tell my husband, that's it! I've had enough, we are cleaning this place and getting rid of junk we don't need! Often times I grab the garbage can and start chucking stuff. I worked in the storage industry for almost 2 decades and see first hand what hoarding looks like and swore I would never be that person. Also I have seen what people pay to store for years and years. They could have probably purchased those items 3 times with what they have paid for storage over the years. So being I have that first hand experience I never want to be that wasteful with my belongings or money for that matter. 

How about some tips?

Want to clean out some clutter but not sure where to start? Let me break this all down for you. Just start with one room. Focus only on that one space wholly. Get it down to the bare bones. Clean out papers and old files. Drag in one bin for recycle, another for garbage and one for donations. Block out the allotted time you would need to completely finish that one space. When you are done cleaning out the clutter then move your furniture out as well. Clean the space entirely, floors/carpet, windows, trim etc. Hey, maybe if you are being super ambitious you could even paint! Then when you are done cleaning put the furniture back but in different locations so it feels like a brand new space! The items that you saved should now go in a home like a file cabinet, drawers, organizers, desk etc. Ikea has some great organizational furniture and closet additions if you need more space to put things in their home. Lastly, take out your garbage and recycle and take your donation pile to the appropriate location. SEE? Doesn't that feel great! 



Then just tackle one room at a time and space it out. One every weekend or how about one room a month? What ever makes you feel more confident in reaching your goal, is the goal you should set. How about enlisting some help? Bribes always work! Call over some girlfriends and supply lunch for a helping hand. Or even your kids! Plan a night out at the movies after you are all done. That will prompt people to get the job done quicker so they can get to the reward and you benefit from it. Win, win right? Yes! 

Save some money!

You could do this to your storage unit also but instead of moving it back you could just move it out or even downsize to a smaller unit and cheaper. Also if you have the time, some stuff could be sold online that you don't want anymore and make a little money. Places like Craigslist, Offerup and local for sale pages online. Hey if you are really excited and your space allows it, have a yard sale! If you do a yard sale then I would tackle all rooms so you could put out as much stuff as you can to sell. Never hurts to make some money back right!


Grand Finale

By the time you are done with your cleanup schedule it's going to feel like you have a brand new place! And your feeling of accomplishment is going to warrant a nice glass of wine and kick your feet up. Heck, you might even have a couple extra dollars in your pocket from selling treasures or saving on a storage bill. Now go ahead and get started! 

I would love to hear your tips and tricks on your de-clutter missions below! 

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