New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

Now that we have welcomed in a new year, it’s time to focus on your new goals. Or maybe you feel like you are stuck and your wheels are turning not going anywhere. I made up a list of potential goals and recommendations for the new year that might inspire you. Check them out below!


Often times people can struggle with these types of goals. Money can be a scary topic to some. Sometimes when goals are set they are they are too complex, unrealistic, or uncertain. It is easier and attainable to start with the basics usually. Getting started I always recommend completing a budget. Sitting down and writing out all of your expenses and income. Factoring in your current financial status. And what is your goal for the year? It could be to save money to buy a new car, or pay off a credit card, or maybe just to build up your savings account. This can all be factored in by simply building a monthly budget. Also by creating a budget it puts your financial situation onto paper and gives you a visual to easier understand. Sometimes people use an excel spreadsheet for this. You can find great relief just knowing where your accounts stand monthly and that you are actively working towards your goal. If you need some help with this, contact me I would love to help!



I know, the I’m going to lose weight cliche right? I think that is the number one New Years resolution that everyone makes. But by Valentines Day it’s a thought of the past and now you are stuck with a gym membership that doesn’t do justice to your monthly budget. I think half the time this goal also fails because people make it too ambitious and unattainable.

The times that I have witnessed this working better is when people don’t set themselves up for failure. Start with the basics. Use the stairs each time. Walk the dog more. Park further away at the grocery store. Set a timer on your phone to get up from your desk and walk every 30 minutes. Once you have all this down pat then pledge to hit the gym one day a week and stick to it. You work your way up from there. This way it doesn’t seem so scary and intimidating. Instead it’s small easy steps to reach goals that you are more likely to accomplish.



I know everyone struggles with this to some extent. My husband and I started on this journey personally back in 2011. We were newly weds and comfortable, eating all the comfort foods around. But we started with small goals like no more fast foods and no more soda. We found that just those small changes alone made a huge difference. With a change in nutrition also comes education. I feel like this is a huge void in society, nutrition education. People should know how food effect their body and how to properly nourish it instead of filling up on junk. This too can be easy, small steps by pledging to start with one thing at a time.


I think this topic is so important. Often times we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle we forget to stop and be present. There is no better feeling then support of family. Whether your family is large or small, it all matters. You can plan a family dinner once a month and rotate who’s house you have it at. If that sounds like too much then scale it back and plan a dinner out with everyone once every 3 months. Take turns around the table to let each person give an update how they have been doing. As I type this blog I’m sitting in a hospital room watching my grandma rest from having a pacemaker put in today. Nothing would be more important then me being by her side right now. So putting family top of that priority list will always be on my resolution year after year.


These are just a small list of the things I think of every year and I hope they help you! I would love to hear all about your resolutions, comment below!

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