Travel can be stressful!

Travel can be stressful!

Yes, travel can be so stressful sometimes! I would love to touch base on travel and ways to minimize stress when you have to go places. And by travel I mean in anyway shape or form, not just getting on an airplane. People who travel for work might have this down pat already but maybe they can add to our list with some helpful tips also!

Planning is key!

As soon as you have made the solid decision you are going to go somewhere I suggest getting out a piece of paper for notes and start writing. Write about what your goal is for the trip, relaxation, work, play, adventure etc. Once you have that penned then decide length of stay and dates of travel. After that it is time to book stuff, I love this part! Will you be staying in a hotel, Airbnb, family members house, camping etc? How about transportation? Use your own car, Uber, walking, biking etc? After you have all your logistics figured out then you can plan the fun stuff! Don’t forget to write things down as you go so you don’t forget your thoughts. Planning travel can be so detailed that you don’t want to miss something. And always, before you hit that confirm button triple check your info and dates are correct.

Fun stuff!

If you plan on traveling for fun then do your research before you go. Read up on blogs and review sites to see what other people thought. This will give you the best insight if it’s worth it or not. Sometimes an area will offer the same adventure but with different companies. Research them all and also price check. Excursions can be spendy but it’s worth it to research to save a couple bucks.

Tips to de-stress

Plan ahead- Chip away at one thing at a time when planning. Ex: Flight tickets, then rental car, then hotel. If you tackle one item at a time it can take a load off and not feel so overwhelming.

Pack ahead- Drag out your luggage at almost the two week mark before you are set to leave. This is especially helpful if your trip is longer then 3 days, you will have more to pack. Start your packing process slowly. There is nothing worse then rushing to pack and on the plane you realized you have forgotten something! My favorite tip is to pack snacks, nobody loves to travel on an empty stomach.

Call ahead- If you are feeling weary about any of your reservations it doesn’t hurt to call that hotel ahead of time to double check your reservations. If your flight is coming in later due to a delay, contact your Airbnb host to let them know. This can also be done if you are late picking up your rental car. Just a simple message or call can ease your mind.

Clear your head- Once all your reservations are made you can relax knowing that you took your time and everything is correct. If you have to plan a trip more quickly then just stick to one topic at a time, check that off the list one by one and you will be less stressed.

I hope this has eased your travel worries a bit. I would love to hear from you about your travel tips on how to travel stress free! If planning travel still feels too overwhelming for you, just shoot me a message I love it and can help you.

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